Corporate PPA


Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, long-term price visibility and risk management through locally produced electricity are the main advantages of this new type of renewable energy marketing conducted directly between producer and consumer.

Since 2019, we have been working directly with our industrial and commercial clients on their renewable energy procurement needs. A pioneer, Eurowatt signed the first French PPA with its partner Metro in 2019. Since then, we developed specialised know-how and effective support for our clients, ranging from the marketing of energy from wind farms that have arrived at the end of the mandatory purchase scheme, through to the design, construction and operation of greenfield projects, with or without self-consumption, across all of our technologies, both in France and internationally.

What is a corporate PPA?

A corporate PPA is a bilateral contract between a buyer and a producer of renewable energy. The objective for the buyer is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the long term and to hedge against market price volatility, thanks to locally produced renewable energy. Corporate PPAs ensure stable medium- and long-term revenues for producers, facilitating the financing of renewable projects and thus accelerating the energy transition.


The buyer commits to purchase a certain amount of electricity from the renewable energy producer, at a fixed or indexed price, for a period of between 1 and 20 years depending on the technology and specific needs.

As an instrument of energy transition, a corporate PPA allows to choose certified renewable electricity, produced locally on an identified site, covering all or part of the buyer’s energy consumption.

Finally, a corporate PPA offers long-term visibility on the cost of energy, protecting buyers against the volatility of the electricity price market.

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