Our turnkey

At Eurowatt, we oversee the entire process of developing a renewable energy project, from identifying a site or client to obtaining the permits and financing needed to build and operate a facility.

We possess all the skills required to carry out an onshore renewable energy production project from A to Z, in all of our territories, in France and internationally.

We support our industrial and commercial clients as well as local authorities in all stages of their renewable energy projects.


We provide a turnkey service for both wind and solar projects, from site identification through to operation and covering design, financing and construction.

We work on wind power projects subject to authorisation as well as on various types of solar projects, namely:


and car park

solutions in


We offer our clients and partners various types of solutions for the commercialisation of the electricity produced by our installations, such as self-consumption, the signing of Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs) or hybrid solutions with the possibility of selling part of the electricity produced on the market.

Currently, Eurowatt is developing:

  • More than 500 MW of wind and photovoltaic projects in France
  • More than 600 MW of wind and photovoltaic projects internationally


Eurowatt ensures the implementation of the project in the construction phase, in accordance with the specifications and contracts, and monitors the different stages of construction, up to the assembly and commissioning of the facility. We strive for strict compliance with the regulations in force, in particular the regulations on Installations Classified for Environmental Protection (ICPEs), and more generally with Eurowatt’s commitments in terms of quality, cost, deadlines and performance.

We rely on our teams of engineers and local operators for the management and supervision of the construction sites in France and internationally.


The Operations department supervises the activity of the facilities throughout their life cycle, from commissioning to repowering or dismantling and including site restoration. The Operations department is responsible for the performance of our facilities: it ensures, on a daily basis, that the project meets the expected production levels, by guaranteeing its reliability and availability throughout its operating phase, in compliance with regulatory requirements, with particular regard to the public distribution network and the regulations governing Installations Classified for Environmental Protection (ICPE).

The team is largely made up of engineers and local operators, working on the field or out of our operational centre in Bapaume (Pas-de-Calais).

During the lifetime of the installations, we are committed to:

  • Safety, i.e. by preserving the safety of people, the integrity of machines and their environment. A team of engineers is entirely dedicated to risk prevention.
  • Efficiency :
    • optimising the operating time of the installations in relation to the energy availability and the market conditions,
    • ensuring that the installations produce according to their power curve,
    • ensuring the proper maintenance and sustainability of the installations. To this end, we have chosen to rigorously monitor maintenance and inspection work on our installations by accompanying our service providers. For greater flexibility and efficiency, we have also chosen to internalise the maintenance of our electrical and telecom infrastructures. A team of experts is thus entirely dedicated to the optimisation and reliability of the assets we manage.
  • Controlling the predictability of our installations, particularly via our supervision and monitoring tools.
  • Ensuring the proper implementation of all support measures related to the energy transition, the improvement of the living environment of our neighbours or the preservation of biodiversity decided during the development phase (such as the installation of beehives, measures to preserve birdlife, maintenance of roads and paths leading to the sites, educational or heritage conservation actions).
  • We remain present, available and committed to all local stakeholders throughout the operating lifetime of the facility.

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