Our commitments

our vision

“At Eurowatt, we are proud of our history and the know-how we have acquired in almost 30 years of renewable energy production. We are also proud to remain a company operating on a human scale, which has become a trusted partner for the territories and their populations.

As a committed player in the energy transition, we are now accelerating the development of our wind and solar power production solutions, both in France and internationally.”

Virginie Thévenet, Eurowatt’s CEO

Our values

Our support measures

At Eurowatt, our projects are designed with the aim of reconciling environmental and renewable energy production issues. Through rigorous environmental studies and our commitment to local associations working to preserve biodiversity, we ensure that our facilities are developed and operated in an environmentally responsible manner.

As a sustainable partner of the territories, we are also committed to accompanying and supporting local projects:

  • Biodiversity conservation: we are involved in various land-use planning actions to foster biodiversity. For example, we are financing the creation of grassed strips for the benefit of local fauna and ecological continuity in several territories. We are also involved in a number of measures to safeguard species with an unfavourable conservation status.
  • Preservation of landscapes:  we reinforce the preservation of a green belt by creating plant screens, necessary to maintain or even improve local biodiversity.
  • Support for energy renovation: we offer support to municipalities in carrying out energy diagnostics of municipal buildings, feasibility studies for the construction of low-energy buildings and the renovation of buildings, etc.
  • Education: we work with schools by offering visits to wind farms and awareness-raising activities in the classroom.
  • Tourism: we translate our local presence into supporting actions in favour of tourism, educational hiking circuits, sponsoring of sports and cultural events, etc.

some of the latest projects we have supported.

Les abeilles fabriquant du miel

We installed beehives on our site in Bapaume, Pas-de-Calais, to house bees that are pioneers in sustainable development and share their production with our partners every year.

un oiseau dans un champs

On the territory of the La Crémière and Arbre Chaud wind farms, in partnership with the GON ornithology and nature group, we have introduced a measure to monitor and preserve the harrier nests of three locally endangered species:

Marsh Harrier, Hen Harrier and Montagu’s Harrier. Every year in spring, the GON intervenes to locate new broods and set up nest protection.  This commitment has borne fruit as the number of harrier nests has increased in this area since 2017. Excellent news for the preservation of this bird of prey in this sensitive area!

– To find out more, you can download the guide from the FEE (French wind energy association) which presents this initiative in detail.